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Damage Analysis and Estimating
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Chief Automotive Systems
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1. We are located in Maryland. A physical inspection of the vehicle is IMPERATIVE! Part of our evaluation process is to make sure there is no “repair related diminution of value”. One way Insurance companies will try to get out of paying for “inherent diminution of value” is to state that the majority of loss of value is due to poor quality repairs. They will have their inspector grade the repair, so we make sure the repair was performed to satisfactory level. Finally we need to evaluate the condition of the rest of the vehicle for comparative market value purposes included in our report. Any Company providing you with a Diminished Value Report without seeing the vehicle is leaving you open for trouble collecting.

2. Being an expert in Collision Repair helps us ensure your vehicle was repaired properly and is now safe to drive. All this is part of our service and our certifications go a long way if we have to testify in court as an expert witness.

3. Unfortunately, I have inspected several “repaired” automobiles that are missing bolts, frames that still have kinks, or have poor paint match and or texture. These need to be addressed and re-repaired prior to us generating a report. First, to ensure you and your family’s safety, second to stop the insurance companies from pointing the finger at the repair facility as a reason for the Diminished Value.

4. Being a wholesaler makes us an expert in the value of a vehicle and the impact on its value due to a damage history. Many times a gorgeous vehicle will only bring 50% of its value at the auction due to previous frame repairs. Would you buy a vehicle that has had a bent frame?

5. We have testified as an expert many times with huge success. Sometimes to get the maximum it means a court battle. Having someone who is certified in collision repair as well as a wholesaler on your side in court is difference between victory and defeat. These out of state companies, producing a Diminished Value Report based off of repair costs, are not coming to Maryland to testify nor are they qualified.

6. After physically inspecting your “repaired” vehicle we will provide a comprehensive detailed report including the impact this loss has had on your factory warranty, if aftermarket or used parts were installed, as well as a fair market value comparisons. Our reports often are 20 to 30 pages long. Many attorneys use our service to provide Diminished Value figures which are included in their personal injury settlements.

7. Any company who takes a percentage of your Diminished Value Settlement has a vested interest in the outcome. Once the insurance company realizes that it goes to litigation and their report will be considered biased in the court’s eyes, after all the higher the Diminished Value amount the more they get paid.