Diminished Value Solutions

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Okay so your vehicle has been involved in an accident, no fault of your own, and you realize it is NOT financially worth what it once was now that it has a damage history.

You are surfing the internet to learn about your rights, about inherent diminished value and who can help.

Well you have found us, Diminished Value Solutions, the right company with the qualifications, skills and experience to successfully help you collect the maximum for the diminution in value of your vehicle if you are located in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Va or Southern Pa.

I have done my home work on the competition so let me save you the time.

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1. Are they Local and will they inspect my now "repaired" vehicle?
2. Are they an Expert in body shop repair?
3. Can they help you determine if your vehicle was repaired properly?
4. Are they licensed as a wholesaler?
5. Can they testify in a court of law as an expert?
6. How comprehensive is their report?
7. How is there fee structured?
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The answers to these 7 Questions will directly impact how much money ends up in your pocket!
SUCCE$$ Testimonial
2008 Honda Accord EX
When my Accord got rear ended while parked the timing couldn't have been worse. I was to trading it in on a new Audi the next day and had already worked the deal. Once I told the Audi dealership my situation, they reduced their trade value number by several thousand dollars. Once repaired Diminished Value Solutions got all the money back I was about to lose from the driver's insurance company. Without them I would haven't been able to get my new car. Thanks for the $4300.00!
B. Kirby