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Diminished Value Solutions

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Customer Testimonials

A car ran into the back of my vehicle. The accident was not my fault. The other person’s car insurance paid for the repairs. I knew my vehicle’s worth wasn’t as much after the accident because it has a damage history. Diminished Value Solutions helped get all the money back from the driver’s insurance company. Testimonial in Baltimore, MD.
James L.
My car was rear ended while parked. The timing for the accident couldn’t have been worse. I was trading it in for a new car the next day and already had the deal in place. I told the dealership the situation, and they reduced the trade value of my car by several thousand dollars. Once the car was repaired, Diminished Value Solutions helped get all the money back I was about to lose from the other person’s insurance company. Thanks for the $4,300!
B. Kirby - in Maryland

Diminished Value Claims

Diminished value claims in Maryland and the surrounding states get ignored.  We are making people aware of diminished value claims.   Insurance companies aren’t going to pay money for what you don’t know. With the rise of CarFax, individuals are learning more about the damage history of a car.  After a car accident, your vehicle isn’t worth the same as it was before.  The book value and fair market value of a car drops after an auto accident.

So if your in a car accident in Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, or Southern Pennsylvania, contact Diminished Value Solutions.  Our services help get what is rightfully yours.

Learn more about diminished value.

How Diminished Value Solutions Can Help

  • Inherent Inspection and Report
  • Total Loss Replacement Value Assessment and Report
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection and Report
  • Make sure there is no “repair related diminution of value.”
  • We make sure the car was repaired properly and is safe to drive.
  • Experts in book value of a vehicle (including value due to damage history)
  • Diminished Value Report
  • Comprehensive detailed report, which are often 20-30 pages.
  • Attorneys use our services to help in personal injury settlements related to car accidents.

Diminished Value Solutions Services

Inherent Diminished Value Inspection & Report
Total Loss Replacement Value Assessment & Report
Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection & Report
Expert Witness Testimony

Locations We Help Service

Diminished Value Solutions is available in the following areas:

  • Maryland
  • Washington D. C.
  • Northern Virginia
  • Southern Pennsylvania (PA)

If you live in the Maryland area and need an inherent diminished value inspection report, total loss replacement value report, an inspection of a vehicle before you buy it, or and expert to help testify, give us a call at 410-355-5500.