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about Maryland diminished value solutions claimsAbout Maryland Diminished Value Solutions

Located in Pasadena Maryland, Diminished Value Solutions is in business to not only provide our services, but offer solutions.  We help individuals across Maryland with diminished value claims.

About Maryland Diminished Value Solutions-The Owner and Vehicle Appraiser

The owner of Diminished Value Solutions, also known as Collision Consulting, is Randy Williams.  Randy has been in the auto appraisal trade for 3 decades.  We have helped thousands of people in Maryland with appraisals, including diminished value.

Randy Williams often travels in and around Maryland to help his customers.  If you need an auto appraisal in Southern Pennsylvania, Washing DC, or Northern Virginia, Randy will travel to you to help recover what is rightfully owed to you.  After your vehicle is repaired after an accident, our collision consultants will make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and repaired properly.

Our goal is to make people aware of diminished value claims in Maryland.  Insurance companies are not going to flat out tell you to file a claim for diminished value.  We are successful in getting you compensated the loss of value of the vehicle.  Out of all the auto claims Diminished Value Solutions has helped, the average claim is a little less than $5,000. 


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